Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paper Woes!

Like any cardmaker, scrapper or paper artist, we tend to accumulate lots and lots of paper. Two years ago it became so out of hand that I didn't know what I had, where it was or why I bought it. Patterned paper is so easy to buy, especially if you're like me and buy it just for the sake of "I love it". I knew something had to give, I either had to use up my stash or weed it out. I decided to go with one company and stick to it, this way I know that everything in my art stash coordinates with something. After much deliberation I chose Stampin' Up! for my patterned paper because 90% of my cardstock is Stampin' Up! along with my ribbons, embellishments, ink and stamp images. Unfortunately, you can over buy when you stick to one company as well. I devised this little system so all my patterned paper is right at my fingertips for easy project making.

Every time I get a pack of paper, I punch a scallop circle of each sheet, punch a small hole in each circle and attach it to a metal ring. At the beginning of each paper pack circle I add a tag with the name of the paper pack on it. My tags are colour coded so I know what category they fall under (ie. red=christmas, purple=hallowe'en, green=nature and yellow=geometric prints/flourishes). Then I make a matching tag to attach to the dividers that separate my full sheets of paper, which makes finding what I want quick and easy.

The labeling is still a work in process because I'm having trouble remembering the names of some of the paper packs from 2 or 3 years ago :)

Happy creating! Would love to hear about other people's paper organization tips!

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