Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Non crafty post

I have no cards to share today, yet, but I do have some photographs to share that I've taken the past couple of days while trying out my new Nikon camera. This is my first SLR camera and I must say it's going to take a while to get used to it and LOTS of practice :)

When I finally got the battery charged up on Saturday it was pitch black outside, so I had to settle for a subject indoors...my cute kitty. Usually she's always on the move, but I was able to catch her sleeping.

This is a photo I tried out using manual focus:

 I guess I ended up disturbing her with my lens almost in her face lol so here is what I snapped next:

 The following day I ended up over at my mother-in-law's and my precious new nephew was there and I couldn't resist a picture of his sweet adorable face:

 And finally today I took my camera outside and tried the technique of isolating an object (I quickly discovered that auto focus will not work with this).

 Thanks for stopping by and if you check back later I'll have my Play Date Cafe challenge posted!

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