Tuesday, June 14, 2011

PDCC85 with the NEW Color Story Coordinator, Jaclyn Miller

I'm back after having a 2 week hiatus from the Play Date Cafe Challenges. I think I encountered the worst creative block in a looonnggg time. I blame it on the running lol I vaguely remember a couple years ago when I was super dedicated to my running that I my card creativity took a HUGE nosedive. Perhaps I just need to work on balancing my time better :) Anyways...as you might have heard there's a new Color Story Coordinator in town and I am uber excited! It's none other than Jaclyn Miller who I also happen to work with on the CAS-ual Fridays Design Team and believe me this is one talented lady! See for yourself! Check out this beautiful color story she put together for this week's challenge:

 I especially love this color combo and was in a non card mood and felt like making something mini. Plus I've noticed when I'm in a non card mood I always seem to end up making something for a fridge! Go figure! lol Here is what I made for the fridge, well not necessarily mine, but somebody's :) 

Close up of the bottom half:

Close up of the pins:

And another close up of a rolled rose:

Yup, decorated magnetic clothespins. Super easy and you can put ANYTHING on these. I ended up with a wedding theme thinking it would be nice to have some of those candid wedding photos displayed on the fridge with these pretty magnets holding them, not that I have any wedding photos that I could use these with (insert sarcasm). Perhaps that's my jealous streak coming out for all those ladies who ended up with great wedding photos...something happened to the camera during my photo session and they were all underexposed and I mean p i t c h BLACK *sniff* and of course it was a film camera. Ahem, well moving along :) To make these, I just covered each clothespin with embossed cardstock, rolled some flowers in the two colors and added coordinating bows and pearls. The finishing touch were some lovey dovey related phrases stamped in coordinating ink. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great crafty week!


  1. Julie...these are off the charts adorable!!!

  2. You've done it again! SUPER FAB! and you are the sweetest with your words about me - I think I blushed. ;)

  3. Beautiful!! Love these cloth pins! So creative! I think your creative drive never left you.... :)

  4. Lovin' those darling, little, embellished pins, Julie! Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at The Play Date Cafe!

  5. Those are the prettiest clothespins ever! Glad you jumped over your creative stumbling block to come play with us at The Cafe, Julie. Missed ya!

  6. Gorgeous!! What a fun design and excellent use of the colors! Thanks for playing at The Play Date Cafe!

  7. Fantastic idea Julie and yep they sure make a great gift too :)
    Jenny x

  8. Your mojo seems to be in FULL SWING, even with your running. Fabulous design Julie.


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