Monday, November 14, 2011

I finally found a copy!

Well its been 7 days since Paper Crafts' 365 Cards hit the newsstands and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE until a  couple of days ago. I have been teased by friends as they snapped photos of the magazine to show me that they had it, I had my parents scouring stores while they were in town to find it and finally I got a sneak peek of my card when my friend and team mate Stephanie Washburn emailed me a picture:) How did I finally come across a copy of this fab magazine? First I drove 69.5km to the town of Truro and hit all the places that my parents didn't get too, with no luck there I drove another 52.8km to Elmsdale where I finally found one copy smushed in the back row of the reading section at the Atlantic Superstore. I read it through front to back 3 times now and I keep seeing "new" things I like and sooo many cards that I would just like to re-create. One of my two cards was already featured on the Paper Crafts blog last week so I'll show you the other one...

I picked up my daughter from my mother's today and the first thing my mom asked was, "Did you find the magazine?" lol. I had it in my hand and showed it to her. I made a quick duck to the restroom and when I came back she still had the magazine opened and then she looked at me with wide eyes and whispered "You weren't going to give that card to your father for his birthday were you?". I told her no I hadn't planned on it and explained that I didn't have the card anymore. She breathed a sigh of relief and said "Good, because I just showed it to him" lol.

Thanks for stopping by and if you haven't picked up 365 Cards yet, you really should, this magazine is busting at the seams with fabulous ideas!


  1. ahhh, i've had the same experience many times. congrats on being published! :)

  2. WOW you drove a long way to find this magazine... I am so glad you found it... I guess that is the excitement... trying to find it...

  3. Glad that you FINALLY got it! I got mine at Wal-mart!! I din't even think they have it and I thought :"well, itdoesn't hurt to look"! And there it was! Congrats on your HUGE success with pub! This TV card is totally adorable!

  4. lol! How cute is your daughter? This issue is full of so many of my favourite crafters:)

  5. Wow that's some distance...surprised they don't send you a complimentary issue if you are published in it!!
    Your daughter is so sweet and of course the card is the star of the post :)
    Jenny x

  6. Wow! That is some determination! Truro? Is that out in BC? I've ordered my copy and am waiting for it to wing it's way here - no card magazines to be found in Bermuda. :(
    Love your card - in fact it went straight into my CAsE file! :)

  7. Congrats on your fabulous publication--LOVE LOVE LOVE the design! AND I love the story about your mom showing your dad!! <3


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