Saturday, December 10, 2011

The cards that didn't make it

As I'm sure everyone is well aware, that today was the day where acceptance emails went out for the 10th anniversary special of Card Creations for Paper Crafts magazine. I had submitted 10 cards this time. Four were re-submits and 6 were new ones. Here is my rejection parade, some of which I'm kind of glad didn't make it because I like them so much :)

First up is my Market Street Stamps card featuring the new background stamp Grace.

Perfect for a Mother's Day card and lots of pink!

Next up was a re-submit for the wedding category involving some masking tape :)

This one was also a re-submit for the wedding category with handmade pear embellishments made from sculpey clay.

Another re-submit for the love category featuring lots and lots of buttons.

One more re-submit for the wedding category with flower, pearls, crystals and rhinestones.

This card was my super simple card I submitted for the love category which features my own lip print with pink lipstick, I love this card. I think I will set this one aside for hubby for Valentine's Day :)

A simple colored in card for the miss you category .

And last but not least, my two fave interactive cards. One for the halloween category and one for the encouragement category.

When you pull the Boo tab, the cut little ghost creeps over to Mr. Frankie :)

On this one if you push or pull the tab, the squirrel  slides along the wire :)

And the 10th card you'll just have to wait and see in May ;) 

Thanks for stopping by and having a peek, hope everyone has a great crafty weekend!


  1. These are ALL adorable, Julie!

  2. These cards so different than I make. So beautiful and so inspiring. I am so happy to get here on your blog.

  3. Julie, Your cards are absolutely awesome.. Loved everyone of them.. I love their simplicity and creativity.. Amazing.. I am def becoming a follower..

  4. Totally cool cards! The kiss is so unique! ;)

  5. Love the surprise announcement at the end, sneaky girl! lol Congrats on your pub pickup, and the rest of these cards? Stunning. I think my fave would have to be your lip print!


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