Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's in the Jewelry Box?

Hello crafty friends! Starting today on Wednesdays I am going to have a new feature to my blog called What's in the Jewelry Box ? It will be a quick post on some jewelry piece I have made recently and on the following Saturday the featured piece will go up for sale in the jewelry section on my blog. Today's feature is all about fall!

The trees are such beautiful colours right now and if we don't get any wind or rain storms, the leaves just might hold on a little while longer, which leads me to my inspiration for this set of earrings I made.

I found these gorgeous lucite leaves in an array of colours online and thought they would look perfect paired with orange and red and a smidgen of yellow. The large red beads and smaller two-tone ones are Czech glass and what better colour to pair reds, oranges and yellows with than antique brass.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you're enjoying the beautiful fall weather!


  1. Beautiful! I love the leaves...and the red flowing into the yellow. Gorgeous

  2. Very pretty earrings. Love the colors.

  3. Beautiful. These are the epitome of fall.


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