Saturday, January 14, 2017

Delving into the world of photo manipulation

As a branch off from taking photographs, I have become more interested in the world of digital art/photo manipulation. There's just something about a fantasy/surreal picture that speaks to the artist in me, plus its always fun fun to learn something new! I've been practicing with some photoshop tutorials on composites with stock photos just to see how things work in photoshop (I fear I will never learn everything this program has to offer). After doing about 3 tutorials over the past week, I decided to try out something using my own photos and myself as one of them. It's by no means perfect, and there are things about it like shadows that frustrated me to no end that I couldn't figure out how to fix, but when all said and done, I kind of like it!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. WOW Julie, that turned out fantastic.

  2. This is so cool!! I had to do this when I took a class about 16 years ago but haven't touched this technique since. You make me want to go back and do a refresh tutorial and try it again!!

  3. So sweet! Thanks for sharing.


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